The EC 2016 was awesome!! My goal was to skate my free program and after a few stressing hours it turned out that I reached that goal!! To be able to skate the finals is a feeling I can’t describe but all I can say is that it is amazing!! Yes, I made some mistakes but that does not mean that I am not happy with the overall and I just know what to do and where to work on!! Thank you all so much for all the messages etc. it always surprises me how many people respond with the most beautiful and sweetest messages etc. thank you so much for that, it gives me extra confidence. Home for a short period now and after going back to Canada to train very hard for the next competitions, first one coming up Dutch nationals!! I am so excited and motivated allot!!

I want to thank my coach for being there for me the whole week and taking care of me!! Because of him I felt very relaxed he knows exactly what to say to make me feel better!! Had such a good time thank you so much Bruno Marcotte!